• Waterproof bag Tube 8L
    Waterproof bag Tube 8L
    CHF 39.90
  • Polarized sunglasses GUST EVO
    Polarized sunglasses GUST EVO
    CHF 86.15
  • Polarized Sunglasses GUST EVO Junior
    Polarized Sunglasses GUST EVO Junior
    CHF 45.00
  • Hull Cover Nacra 15
    Hull Cover Nacra 15
    CHF 350.00
  • Sponge Vest
    Sponge Vest
    CHF 60.00
  • Boardshort
    CHF 64.60
  • Neoprene Hat
    Neoprene Hat
    CHF 35.00
  • Reversible beanie
    Reversible beanie
    CHF 25.00
  • Watersport Gloves
    Watersport Gloves
    CHF 24.95
  • Short 3/4 Neoprene
    Short 3/4 Neoprene
    CHF 91.55
  • Sup Board Bag + Wheels
    Sup Board Bag + Wheels
    CHF 279.20
  • Long Sleeves T-Shirt Quick Dry
    Long Sleeves T-Shirt Quick Dry
    CHF 36.60
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Innovative Sails and accessories for sport multihull

Welcome to Forward Sailing, specialists in high speed dinghies and catamaran equipment. Our New Forward WIP line focuses on Water Impact Protection that allows you to sail & fly as fast as possible thanks to innovative protective gear. The choice of many pro sailors. 

We are also proposing protection for your boat and catamaran with a full line of sun covers, slip cover, hull protections, sails and dagger board bags compatible with most beach cats such as Hobie Cat, Dart, AHPC, Nacra ... 

You will also find a full range of Fat head compatible sails that will boost and give a second life to your old catamaran. Have fun and explore !
Enjoy your visit!